How Can Social Media Improve Performance?

The use of an Instagram bot follower could well be a key way in which a business can gain access to a much larger audience as well as staying connected with customers on social media. There has also been much attention surrounding the use of a Tik Tok bot but in this article we will … Continue reading “How Can Social Media Improve Performance?”

high lift pallet truck

Why The High Lift Pallet Truck Keeps The Business World Moving

Logistics and transport form the backbone of the business world.  Most commercial businesses rely constantly on the movement of goods across countries to operate properly.  Without these systems of transport, the business world would simply ground to a halt, failing to function without the network of transport that serves it.  Even since the industrial age, … Continue reading “Why The High Lift Pallet Truck Keeps The Business World Moving”

business chat

Business Language – Why It is Essential

Business language, also known as corporate communication, is an essential part of any company. It can help your business to be more open to new markets and customers and to attract new employees. Business language is often divided into two categories: English and another language, often a foreign language. English and French are commonly used … Continue reading “Business Language – Why It is Essential”

damp proof course

A Damp Proof Course Saved My Business

This is a special guest article written by small business owner Daniel MacIntosh.  His business specialises in original ideas for businesses that may have become stagnant in terms of their development of new ideas and concepts.  Most of the time he visits businesses at their premises, but often has small business owners and mobile team … Continue reading “A Damp Proof Course Saved My Business”


Business Relationship Advice

As a business owner, you need to be careful when making business relationships with other businesses. A business is nothing without its partners, and to run a successful business, partnerships and relationships are essential. Business relationships are necessary to keep a business running smoothly. Relationships with vendors, customers, and other business entities can actually make … Continue reading “Business Relationship Advice”

Can You Make More Profit By Selling To Your Family?

Can you make more profit by selling to your family? Of course you can. However, this doesn’t mean that you should. This is a concept that many business owners seem to forget. To understand why I feel this way, you first have to realize that if your product or service can be sold to your … Continue reading “Can You Make More Profit By Selling To Your Family?”

sdtm dataset

SDTM Dataset Companies Are Helping the Coronavirus

It is very uncertain times for our people and our planet. The arrival of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 as it is technically referred to has hit our race hard.  For starters, our planet has become so globalised and interconnected that the spread of the infection has been alarming.  Long distance transport in the form … Continue reading “SDTM Dataset Companies Are Helping the Coronavirus”


COVID-19 Research – What We Know

The arrival of the novel coronavirus strain COVID-19 has certainly caught the world off guard. As researchers around the globe scramble to try and figure out the mechanisms of the virus and how we can develop a vaccine to combat it, very little is being said by the media when it comes to actual medical … Continue reading “COVID-19 Research – What We Know”

The Importance Of Blogging For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs must work hard to keep themselves motivated and they need to constantly work on their marketing skills, which in turn is a vital part of their business. Today the internet is the perfect platform for promoting one’s business and one way of doing so is through blogging. What Is Blogging? For successful entrepreneurs, blogs … Continue reading “The Importance Of Blogging For Entrepreneurs”

Tips to Help You Find a Marketing Firm That Will Increase Your Business Sales

Marketing is a vital part of any business, and it plays a major role in getting new clients and keeps your existing customers happy. You want to have marketing professionals that know what they are doing, and are in a position to give great results. That’s why it’s imperative to find a marketing firm that … Continue reading “Tips to Help You Find a Marketing Firm That Will Increase Your Business Sales”