Convert VHS To DVD

Companies Should Convert VHS To DVD

Companies in the arts and entertainment sector often forget that they can be sitting on a lot of valuable assets.  These assets come in the form of old VHS and cassettes that they have stored away in their archives.  Regardless of what is on these tapes, the truth is that the value is there regardless.  That is why we are recommending that these businesses act now before it is too late and get their old archives out and convert VHS to DVD formats sooner rather than later.

Convert VHS To DVD

Why Convert VHS to DVD?

If you are sitting there thinking, why the hell would I want to covert my companies old VHS tapes, they are just a bunch of old footage that no-one will want to see, then you are part of the problem.  These tapes are essentially your history, and contain essential information about where you came from.  Really this should be reason enough to want to convert VHS to DVD professionally.  It means that you can ensure that your old archives are safe and can be taken into the 21st century.  And who knows, you might just get some enjoyment if nothing else from watching through them.

Convert VHS To DVD

Your Identity

You will only really have old VHS tapes and other cassettes if your company was active throughout the golden era of analogue film.  This era is usually accepted to be between 1970 and the year 2000.  The truth is, if you are still trading after 50 years, these memories deserve a place in the future.  It should be considered part of your journey as a company, and very often companies who lose sight of where they are going will look back to their past and find their roots again.  These old archives from part of what is your company’s identity, and this is something that should be considered very important, and here’s why.


History is The Best Promotion

We have all seen those classic advertisements, where a company goes back in time and shows their linear progression through the ages, showcasing the journey they have been on.  Nostalgia is a huge selling point, and it is one of the reasons why big brands are so recognisable.  Their brand image has been built up over time, sometimes hundreds of years, and people remember this and buy into it.  A great example of this in action is when car manufactures show the journey of a certain model of car.  Customers get to remember the great times of yesterday, as well as seeing the great progress of today, with a vision of where it is going tomorrow in the future.

Convert VHS To DVD

Analogue vs Digital

Analogue mediums such as VHS will never truly die, but the fact is that they do degrade over time.  VHS is renowned for degrading slowly, as the magnetic strip becomes affected by air, light and heat.  The digital medium ensures that your old footage will not degrade any further than it already has.  So if you have tapes, do not delay, as every day they are getting affected by the elements.