Sheffield PCR Test Centres For Travel Are Being Opened 

Travel tests are now an essential part of travelling for people across the UK and the rest of the world. If you are planning on going abroad, it’s important that you can find and use testing services that you can trust and rely on. 

Doncaster Sheffield Airport has become one of the latest locations in England to benefit from newly established testing centres. Randox is opening a new testing centre in the airport in order to meet the demand for PCR tests for travel in this area. 

What Makes A Good Testing Company?

There is much debate as to what goes into making a good testing company. One of the main things that goes into making a good testing company is open channels of communication.

 This typically means that the testing company or organisation can be contacted quickly and easily with easy to access information and support available. 

Some other key points that can contribute to a good testing company and services are:

  • Responsive Websites – Websites are an important part of testing services as they provide an online platform where you can book tests. Therefore it is important that these kinds of websites are responsive and easy to use. 
  • Accessibility –  Testing centres and services should be accessible so that they can be used by anyone who needs to use the service. 
  • Affordability – Using a testing centre that offers reasonable prices for its services can make a difference when you are looking for reliable and sustainable testing services. 
  • Availability – The stock and availability of tests is crucial, when people are looking for testing services, they are likely to go for the companies who have good stock levels and availability. 
  • Reputation – Reliable testing companies typically have a good overall reputation both offline and online. Typically this would fall under the category of major well known testing company brands. 

Making Your Travel Plans Easier

By arranging a PCR test at Randox Sheffield before your onward travel, you can make any future travel plans that you may have a lot more secure. Covid can cause severe disruption to people’s health as well as their travel plans. 

The overall infectivity of the current Omicron variant has actually led to a large-scale cancellation or delay of many flights across the UK. Therefore planning ahead and keeping up to date with the latest covid developments should be one of your priorities when planning your movements in the near future. 

Furthermore, taking steps such as getting additional cover for your flights as well as consulting with airlines prior to your trip is a good way in which you can plan ahead in order to make your travel plans easier and better organised.


To conclude, it is clear that PCR testing for travel is necessary to help facilitate safer travel to and from the UK. When you are looking for a testing service in this area, be sure to use some of the criteria we have discussed in order to make a well informed decision about the PCR testing service that you might want to use.