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Small Business Marketing Tips

If you are part of a small to medium-sized enterprise, the chances are that you don’t have a huge marketing budget going spare.

Big companies pour hundreds of thousands of pounds into  their marketing activities every year, which is necessary for them to get their required volume of sales.

There are many different marketing channels out there, for example TV, radio, online and billboards, but we want to talk about small scale marketing opportunities that small businesses can utilise for a very low up front cost.

If you have been struggling with your marketing drives, this should help you get your voice heard and hopefully will make you feel like you are engaging consumers.

First up, we want to talk about the most accessible and cost effective forms of marketing – online marketing.

We all know that consumers are very active online, and capturing this audience is easier than you might think.

There are a number of online channels upon which you can promote your brand, for example:

  • Facebook Ads – One of the leading social media platforms, Facebook Ads can be incredibly specific and effective at reaching consumers
  • Google Ads – Almost everyone begins their web journey on google, make sure you use this powerful ads platform
  • Blog – Starting a blog on your website or another site is one of the best ways to market products and services in your own voice
  • Email campaign – This form of marketing is still going strong, with great results to be had, especially if your audience is already engaged
  • Podcasts/videos – Do a video or podcast, or even better, get your customers do one as they will resonate with your audience much better than you ever will

The power of the internet at your fingertips is just waiting for you to make the effort, try a few of these today and see what results you can get.