The Need for Drug and Alcohol Testing at Work

What is the purpose of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace? It is a common question that comes to every employer’s mind. Hence, this post will raise the curtain for the purpose of drug and alcohol tests at work! 

Alcohol and misuse of drugs have affected people of all social standing. A person under the influence of strong drink or drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and opioids cannot perform their tasks perfectly at work or even affect the corporate culture or reputation of the company which has hired them. Because of potential alcohol or drug misuse at work or new recruits holding potential addictions there must be a need for testing in the workplace

Safety is the Priority

A drug addict can often become violent and aggressive if he misses his daily dose. It is because illegal drugs target the central nervous system of the person inhibiting their cognitive function. The suppression of the brain keeps the addict calm and relaxed, but as the effect is over, he can become erratic.

Therefore, in a work or social environment drug users can be potentially dangerous, to others and especially themselves. To combat any potential drug use, random alcohol and drug tests can be carried out in the workplace serving as deterrents for any future substance abuse. It can prove effective to launch a campaign of testing in the workplace to ensure the safety of all the staff working in the office to avoid any unfortunate event.


There are potential threats to security within a company as well because of drug use. Users could potentially attempt to profit themselves from the assets of a company or attempt to steal the property of the organisation if they lack finances for their next hit. 

A good employer doesn’t only view the company property as essential but also feels the same for the belongings of employers working there. The belongings of employers include mobile phones, laptops, and wallets. The property of the company includes essential files, data, and instruments.

Therefore, any workplace testing that is carried out could potentially save resources in the long run. New employees as much as seasoned members of staff could all potentially misuse substances and therefore pose a security risk to company stakeholders and company property. 

Increased Accident Rates

Every organisation has an inventory where all the accidents are reported. In addition, an analysis is performed every month to check how many mishaps happened recently and who was behind them.

If an incident were to occur immediate testing must be performed to check whether the persons are using any toxic drug or otherwise influenced by substances or not?

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Health Policy

The company has to check whether all the employees are in the best of their health. If anyone gets detected positive for consuming drugs and alcohol items it can be a good opportunity to provide them support.

Indeed, the employee is an asset to the company who devotes his time and skills for company success. Naturally, therefore, it’s the responsibility of the company to arrange resources for his treatment.

Collaborating with Other Companies

A company stands on a solid foundation of integrity and goodwill. If there is no networking, the company won’t be able to secure any project nor complete any with collaboration. The company’s employees are the stakeholders and representatives who represent the company culture and values even externally. If any company representative is involved in the use of drugs and alcohol, it will affect the company’s entire reputation and that can affect any networking or collaboration opportunities.


Alcohol and drug testing and especially random testing in the workplace acts as an expedient deterrent against substance misuse. It certifies, in the long run, that no employee is involved in illegal activity. On top of that, it provides a safe and sound environment to the working staff and elevates their morale.