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Top Investments of 2022

If you have finances to invest in leading UK companies or diversify your investment portfolio or if you’re looking to make the first investment in the stock market, here are some top picks for 2022:


Stocks – As the economy continues to struggle with high inflation, stocks are a reliable haven for investors. Stocks typically offer total returns that exceed inflation, but some do better than others. Small-cap stocks, dividend growth stocks, consumer products and energy stocks have all been recommended for investors during this period. Emerging markets and travel leisure and hospitality stocks are also on many lists of the top investments of 2022. And of course, if you’re looking to buy shares, consider a balanced portfolio.

Real Estate

Real estate – While real estate is a tried-and-true inflation hedge, residential real estate is seen as a top investment for 2022. Moreover, home construction is another excellent inflation-buster. Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, allow investors to invest in real estate without actually buying properties. Also, commodities – These are similar to stocks but are traded like stocks. Commodities include oil, gas, grain, and coffee. You can direct a part of your portfolio into these through exchange-traded funds and futures contracts.


Uber – The pioneer of mobility-as-a-service, Uber has a strong track record and is on a strong footing for the second half of 2022. Despite sluggish e-commerce and economic conditions in China, Uber is trading at an attractive valuation, currently trading at only 11 times 2022 earnings estimates. That represents a 54% discount to its five-term average forward price-earnings ratio.


Snowflake – The CEO of Snowflake has forecasted that the company will generate £1 billion in revenue this fiscal year, and £10 billion by the end of the decade. This company’s CEO’s recent remarks indicate that it could be one of the top investments of the year. Another tech stock building momentum is Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., which yields 3% at current prices. Sharesies are a new podcast created by the CEO of the tech company, and a free £10 in your account is a great way to get started.


Tesla stock is not cheap, but it could be one of the top investments of the year in 2022. The president has trimmed his green policies in the infrastructure and social spending bill, but renewable energy continues to be a top priority. The Biden administration has also awarded Oshkosh a contract to replace the current fleet of mail trucks with electric vehicles. If you’re an investor interested in green investments, Oshkosh may be a great stock to buy in 2022.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line – The Norwegian Cruise Line is another company with a promising future. During the influenza pandemic, the cruise industry took a beating, but it did more than any other cruise line operator. Its impressive financials should help it pay down debts quickly and benefit from a healthy travel industry. In the meantime, this stock is currently trading as a penny stock. It’s too early to tell whether Norwegian Cruise Line will survive the pandemic or not.