Why Shopify Is The Number One Choice For Online Sellers

If you have been researching eCommerce and marketing, you will have probably stumbled across Shopify.

We say this because Shopify is one of the most popular platforms out there that makes it easy for anyone to get started selling online.

Shopify is an all inclusive software that provides a one stop shop that provides everything you need to sell online.

It encompasses the hosting, order management and anything else needed for a business to create a website ready for orders, all in a matter of hours.

There are close to 1 million active Shopify stores across the world, and collectively they are generating more than 100 billion dollars worth of sales.

Shopify comes with 3 options for businesses:

  • Basic Shopify
  • Shopify
  • Advanced Shopify

Each one comes with an online store, unlimited products and Shopify’s own payment system.

You can choose to use Shopify’s own platform for building your eCommerce site, or you can implement Shopify into another platform like WordPress for example.

Shopify can easily be integrated with other online eCommerce apps, such as Oberlo, which is a website that is designed to be used directly alongside Shopify.

Oberlo allows you to effortlessly search for products on its marketplace that you can then link to your Shopify store.

When someone purchases something from your store, if is automatically processed through Oberlo through the merchant, meaning that you will never have to worry about shipping, packaging or warehousing inventory.

Shopify is also infinitely customisable, so you can easy extend the functionality of your online store as you grow.

There are around 2600 Shopify apps that are designed to make the whole process easier and more effective for the user.

These apps cover everything from marketing, sales, inventory management, reporting, analytics and more.

These apps will boost your sales and productivity so you can start selling more and more products!