Maternity Rights At Work UK


If you’re pregnant or have just had a baby, you can’t afford to miss out on pay during your maternity leave. You’re legally entitled to 52 weeks maternity leave, regardless of how long you’ve been working.

During your maternity leave, you’re also entitled to other benefits like pension contributions and private healthcare. You can also claim Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit to help with your bills.

Maternity Pay: The UK government provides a generous maternity scheme for women. During the first 26 weeks (called ‘ordinary’ maternity leave), they are paid at a rate equivalent to their normal full pay.

Time Off For Appointments

All pregnant employees have a statutory right to take reasonable time off work for antenatal appointments which have been recommended by their doctor or midwife. This includes travel time and any waiting times.

Antenatal care is a routine health service, which helps diagnose any complicated pregnancy conditions and ensures that both mother and baby are healthy. It includes medical examinations, relaxation and parent craft classes and may also include scans if recommended by your doctor or midwife.

Health & Safety

Every business has a legal duty to ensure that its staff are healthy and safe so far as is reasonably practical. They can do this through good health and safety practices, training and by ensuring workers know their rights.

Workplaces that are not safe for employees can have a negative impact on their productivity and morale. For example, heavy lifting, toxic chemicals and repetitive tasks can cause serious injuries that can lead to long-term problems for people.

To ensure that the workplace is safe, employers should carry out risk assessments. Where risks are identified, they should remove them or offer suitable alternative work.