What Is An Overhead Gantry Crane Used For?

A gantry crane is designed to lift and move materials. They are very versatile and can be used in a range of different applications. They can be full gantry systems that serve large areas or portable gantry systems that are easy to move to different production locations.

They are often used in shipyards, where space is at a premium. They are self-supporting and run on rails at ground level, which allows motorized equipment like trucks and carts to move freely underneath.

Lifting & Moving

An overhead gantry crane can help you lift and move heavy materials in your facility, especially when repairing equipment. For example, you can remove a punch press from its permanent location and then transport it for repair. This will save time and effort and allow you to get back up and running faster.

Full gantry bridge cranes run on runway rails or tracks embedded in the floor, and the hoist is mounted to a trolley that runs on the rails. They are popular in shipyards, steel fabrication applications, and train or shipping yards for container movement. They also work well in foundries and other types of industrial settings.

Transportation Of Goods

A gantry crane is used to lift and transport goods in factories and warehouses. Its ability to move large loads quickly and easily allows it to increase productivity. It is also useful for repositioning materials that need to be moved around the facility. These cranes are also popular in shipping industries, where they are used to load and unload containers.

A crane’s hook is attached to a hoist that is either powered by electricity or compressed air. The hoist then connects to a trolley that travels along the bridge rail. The trolley can be manipulated to move the hoist forward or backward along the track.

Transportation Of People

If you need to lift and move people, a gantry crane may be the right choice. This type of crane can be moved from place to place quickly and is usually easier to operate than a bridge crane. It can also be used outside, a great benefit if you have to work in harsh weather conditions.

The structure of a gantry crane can be either single or double girder. Its controls include a pendant or remote radio control for operator operation. It also includes a hoist that can be powered manually, electrically, or by compressed air.

Transport Equipment

A gantry crane is a light-duty device that can lift small and large loads indoors or outdoors. They are typically built in a single-girder design and come in semi and portable designs. They are also more flexible than bridge cranes and can be moved outside and inside a building as needed.

They can be used to transport heavy equipment, like a ship’s keel, without damaging the load or goods. In addition, they can be used to rotate the loads. Using the proper turning equipment will ensure that the load is turned correctly. A bad turn can result in substantial economic and material loss.